ICP Wallet Testing


I have a test wallet and have some questions for it:

A.) I did send some ICP for testing back and forth this wallet. However, i cannot find any trace in 3 explorers i used when scanning for my address. Why is my wallet not being picked up?

B.) I have two YubiKeys, 1st for main access, 2nd for backup. But when i simulate “main key lost, need backup access”, it does not accept my backup key. Where is the issue there?

What kind of wallet do you have? Are you referring to the one at nns.ic0.app? Or something else? Without knowing which wallet you’re talking about it’s much more difficult to help

Also, have you tried instantly after the TX or have you waited an hour or so? These services aren’t real-time

Hi severin.

Thanks. Im using nns.ic0.app/identity.ic0.app. Yes i tried like 10mins after. Thanks, i will test it today again.

About the address, do you know why it does not appear in any explorer? I made transactions days ago, should be synced long time to any explorer by now.

Your Yubikeys give separate identities/keys per domain (that’s just how WebAuthn works). Have you tried restoring access on the same domain you added the key as a backup?

Indeed, then it should have appeared. Are you willing to share your account address or even the NNS dapp principal (in DM if you prefer)? Then I could investigate myself, and also maybe pull in the Dashboad team if necessary

Ok i used the 2nd YubiKey as “Backup” and not “Alternative Login Method”, i removed the backup and now have 2 yubi keys which can sign. Is this the idea behind it? why then even have a backup hardware if its not able to log in? a bit confusing. so currently no backup but 2 logins, so this is also a backup!!??

the address i will of course not share, even if just test wallet :slightly_smiling_face:
my address meanwhile is discoverable under the icp-dashboard, but the 2 other explorers do not pick it up. seems a bit “buggy”, icscan and icp-explorer.

Hi @spammmy

Indeed, the concept of recovery passkey and normal passkey is not very well defined. You’re totally fine with 2 Yubikeys and it is ok to use them that way.

We are now looking into simplifying the recovery passkey feature and might allow sign-in with recovery passkeys. Unfortunately I cannot promise any specific changes, it’s always a matter of priorities…
But yeah, don’t worry about your setup, use it as you have it. :wink:

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