Regarding NFT and token trading issues (mainly display delay)

There have been several incidents in the Japanese community of NFT transactions where only ICP transactions are visible in the Explorer, but NFT transfers are not displayed and there is a delay, the NFT continues to appear in the account even after the sale, and in some cases, the ICP is requested to be returned without any improvement at all. I have also seen this happen to me after purchasing BTCFlower. I also asked Entrepot directly after purchasing BTCFlower, as it did not show up in my account for around 10 days. I understand that most of the time it is a delay in the display, but when this keeps happening, it is upsetting and shakes the credibility of ICP. If BTC DeFi starts now and the same phenomenon continues, users will flee (this was also a problem with infinitySwap). Since the marketplace is slow to respond (understandable since they have little human power), we would like to ask if there is any way for users to check the transaction execution by themselves and how they plan to improve it in the future.

Naturally, this is something that each product should address first and foremost, but I believe that asynchronous processing is the main cause, so we would like to ask what Dfinity is thinking in this regard.


The origyn NFT keeps its transaction history in the canister and accessible at a reliable location:

Transfers occur instantly and you can see the item in your vault at: