New stake advice

Over the next couple of days I will set up and stake my ICP and would like some feedback on the process and options.

Today I will get my Yubico YubiKey and believe my first step is to setup a anchor then through Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap then go through the process of staking my coins.

The question for me is that as from the documentation on the length of time I should select 8 years for the best return and all the ICP that I am rewarded over time can be withdrawn at any time to cash or create a new neuron.

Any other advice would be useful thank you

P.S I will be voting and not just following.

Had problems setting up an anchor on my desktop so I decided to get a Yubikey and try once again. In Google I had the same problems with the key but in Edge I was able to create the anchor first time.

So I am login to the NNS and on the ICP tab it shows my account with zero ICP and tried to send some ICP from my coin account with their confirmation.

When I tried this with Plug the coins show up within seconds.

Coin: ICP
Amount: 0.001
Fee: 0.0002
Total: 0.0012
Address: a28a89 …

The address in my confirmation email is the same as the NNS account icp address but the next day there is zero icp in my account.

I was disappointed with Google constantly interfering with the process and not being able to connect with the NNS and then I find my late model oppo phone does not support NFC so I now need a usb-c to kubi adapter.

I will check my NNS icp account tomorrow and see if the main account shows any amount.

Could some one point out any mistakes I have made, thank you.

Well thanks for all the help as usual not that much but I relise that the amount sent has to be greater for the third digit to show.