New Node Provider Proposals

Dear all,

As part of the further decentralization of the node infrastructure of the IC (see also this separate forum thread: State of Node decentralization) we are working on improving the process of the onboarding of Node Providers (NPs). The objective is to have a fully autonomous onboarding process based on an updated hardware specification (see Gen2 HW specifications) which we are currently testing out.

For the autonomous Node Provider onboarding process, it is important for the community to have a way to validate the identity of a future Node Provider. Therefore, we have asked for feedback on the process of self declaration of a Node Provider, which can be followed in this separate forum thread (see Node Provider Self Declaration and Self Declaration Form). This process is still under discussion and based on the feedback of each of you we will refine and update it, and create a formal NNS proposal to be voted upon.

While we are working on the new NP onboarding process, we want to create this new forum thread where we will update you of new NP proposals and the motivation of the Dfinity foundation to vote on these.

We will keep you informed and of course look forward to any feedback from you in the meantime!


We have received a first proposal from @ritvick for onboarding as a NP:

  • This proposal has been submitted to the NNS for approval (as described in this separate thread: Proposal to become NP; Rivram Inc.
  • On this separate wiki page: Self Declaration Rivram Inc the company registration and the self-declaration form can be found.
  • The NNS proposal does not have a verifiable link yet to the documents on the wiki-page, something which we propose in the future to accomplish through adding a hash of the signed documents to the NNS proposal.
  • However, since the self-declaration process is not yet finalized and because Rivram provided the same information, the foundation is going to adopt the proposal.
  • Note that in the future the foundation will only adopt proposals that follow the fully updated NP onboarding and self-declaration process that the community is going to vote upon soon.

Hi Sven,

I would also like to apply to be a node-provider. What process should I follow. I have tried to submit pdf to the wiki you suggested but it’s in approval phase. I can provide whatever information needed in email in addition to the form.

Thanks @rishi, can you send the pdf to me in direct message? Then I will follow up with you.

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