Proposal to become a Node Provider Rivram Inc

This is a proposal to become a node provider on Internet Computer.
Company Name: Rivram Inc.
Company Location: Ottawa, Canada
Intended Number of Nodes to be provided: 2

Company registry records in the Canadian federal registry:

Open Corporate record:

To provide more decentralization to the network, we propose becoming a node provider on the IC network.

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I am trying to create a proposal, but getting this error. Can someone help me here ?

     ~/codeRepos/nodeProviderIcp  ./ic-admin \                                                                                 ✔  at 08:32:05 pm 
        --nns-url \
        -s ~/.config/dfx/identity/node-provider-hotkey/identity.pem \
    propose-to-add-or-remove-node-provider add \
        --proposer $NEURON_ID \
        --proposal-title "Register a node provider '${NODE_PROVIDER_NAME}'" \
        --summary "Register a node provider '${NODE_PROVIDER_NAME}', in line with the announcement and discussion at" \
        --node-provider-pid "$NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL"
submit_proposal payload:
AddOrRemoveNodeProvider {
    change: Some(
            NodeProvider {
                id: Some(
                reward_account: None,
FIX ME! opt table2 <: opt variant {
  Error : record { error_message : text; error_type : int32 };
  Spawn : record { created_neuron_id : opt record { id : nat64 } };
  Split : record { created_neuron_id : opt record { id : nat64 } };
  Follow : record {};
  ClaimOrRefresh : record { refreshed_neuron_id : opt record { id : nat64 } };
  Configure : record {};
  RegisterVote : record {};
  Merge : record {};
  DisburseToNeuron : record { created_neuron_id : opt record { id : nat64 } };
  MakeProposal : record { proposal_id : opt record { id : nat64 } };
  MergeMaturity : record { merged_maturity_e8s : nat64; new_stake_e8s : nat64 };
  Disburse : record { transfer_block_height : nat64 };
} via special opt rule.
This means the sender and receiver type has diverged, and can cause data loss.
propose_to_add_or_remove_node_provider error: "Unexpectd ManageNeuronResponse"


Though I am getting the error above repeatedly, I see there was a proposal created

Can someone confirm, if that went right? and why I got the error in the first place?
If I execute the same command now, I am still getting the error.

Also where do I upload the self declaration doc as described here: Node Provider Self-declaration - Internet Computer Wiki


Yes, the proposal went through. The problem here is that the interface of the governance canister has evolved in a backward incompatible way, and the version of ic-admin is somewhat outdated so it cannot decode the response message.

I voted to reject purely because:

  1. There was no self declaration document attached to the proposal.
  2. There was no apparent identity verification process performed.
  3. As a voter I’m still somewhat unclear about the process

All of this means I cannot verify that the nodes are associated with Rivram Inc’s or verify h Rivram Inc’s registration in the Canadian company registry.

I think this reflects on us the NNS rather than on you @ritvick. We need to fix is process ASAP so that people like you can onboard autonomously but without sacrificing due diligence.

@bjoern it might be helpful to clarify how this is all supposed to work both in terms of process for node providers and what due diligence checks NNS participants should perform.


Thanks, @Hashimoto, for the input. I have updated my original post with Canadian registry records.
The process seems to be a little unclear for Self declaration and identity verification.
The screenshot from Node Provider Self-declaration - Internet Computer Wiki

says to upload the doc, but where?

This is where I need @SvenF to chime in :slight_smile:

Hi @ritvick and @Hashimoto, thanks for the feedback on the onboarding process. Since the process was posted on the Forum for initial feedback from the community, it is work in progress and there are still elements in there that need to be updated and refined. In particular, regarding the type of document and the type of due diligence checks that should be performed on new NPs. Please post all your suggestions under the Forum post on Self-Declaration so I can collect all the feedback. @ritvick, will drop you a separate message as well.

Hi @ritvick, I have created a separate thread so that all potential new NP proposals are in one place. See New Node Provider Proposals. As you can see in the thread, the foundation will support your proposal and I have included the background on this including the fact that the self declaration process is work in progress.