New Node Provider Proposals

Dear Folks,

Thank you so much for supporting our proposal 98092 to become a node provider. As a next step, I on behalf of InfoObjects have submitted proposal 101687 to add a DC record. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.


Hey @rishi - great to see the progress! Just for validation: The data in the proposal indicates that the DC is InfoObjects’s private DC, also consistent with the address given in the self-declaration. Correct?

yes. it’s a private data center

Hi all,

Rishi has submitted a new proposal for the addition of a new DC record. This is part of InfoObjects becoming a new NP. You can find the proposal here: Proposal: 102443 - IC Dashboard. Since it is part of the further decentralisation, the foundation will support this proposal. The proposal replaces proposal 98092 that was not yet voted upon by the foundation.

The proposal will be followed later by a proposal to add a Node Operator Record, for which we will also notify you in this forum thread.

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Thank you so much for supporting our proposal 98092 & 101687 to become a node provider and add a DC record. As a next step, I on behalf of InfoObjects have submitted proposal 103955 to add a node operator record. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.


Dear all,

@Anonstake has submitted NNS proposals to become a new Node Provider (Proposal: 104996 - IC Dashboard) and use its internal Data Center (Proposal: 104998 - IC Dashboard) for installing these nodes.

These proposals might be difficult to verify for the community as they do not include the Node Provider self-declaration in the proposal, as well as a description and reference to the company information and the data center information. For this reason the Foundation will reject these two proposals, but we working with @Anonstake to prepare new proposals that contain all the relevant information so the community has the right information to vote on these proposals. We expect these proposals to be submitted in the next week.


Dear all,

Anonstake would now like to proceed with proposal to register an Anonstake datacenter as lj2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. We have submitted our self-declaration document for Data Center run by Xenya d.o.o. at and with SHA-256 hash
7d3389fb1a80d08f550d25d104587332aa657d1a24b1e2610d9ccb070569f894, in line with the announcement and discussion at New Node Provider Proposals - #19 by SvenF. Special thanks to @SvenF and @garym for preparing and guiding us with onboarding instructions.
We have submitted Proposal: 107568 - IC Dashboard to add node provider and Proposal: 107569 - IC Dashboard to add datacenter.

We are an operator of leading blockchain projects providing infrastructure for staking services. We are serving as a non-custodial staking-as-a-service for institutions and retail. We maintain high availability clusters using our own datacenter infrastructure with layer0 networking control using dedicated hardware.

We will run our nodes in a privately-owned datacenter Xenya. At first we would like to setup 10 nodes and in future additional ones, if it turns out a further increase in distribution is required, we can open a datacenter in another location with additional nodes.

We hope everyone will adopt this proposal and we look forward to any feedback from you in the meantime.


Hi @SvenF, I think it would be a good idea to have a dashboard for all the information related to Node Provider owners. The community is supposed to verify the KYC info but to my knowledge there’s not a place where one can find all the info.

What happens if a node provider signs up and then sells their ownership to someone else? We need to have periodic KYC check ins, some checks and balances, and some additional transparency.


@dfisher, that’s a great idea yes. I will bring this up as a proposal in our feature planning.

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Hi all, just to add to the post of @Anonstake: note that if you click on the self-declaration link in the proposal on the internet computer dashboard, the final “.” is not picked up. The full link to the self-declaration is at including the final “.”

Thank you.

And then, for NPs themselves it would be great if there were some kind of login tool to view the health of the servers. To the extent something went wrong, it could show on the dashboard. You could even enable email alerts so folks could be notified.

Right now I am reliant on Dfinity to tell me when there are issues with my nodes… I’m wondering if there is a future world where this could work without Dfinity’s involvement

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Hi @dfisher, I know there is such a thing underway. Currently, for our nodes we use our own notification tool, based on IC dashboard API. You can find it here: Node Monitor by aviate labs


Hi @dfisher , to add to @roald-av8 's message: that’s indeed a feature that is underway. More info to follow later.


Amazing glad to hear it !


Dear all,

Zondax would now like to proceed with a proposal to register 2 datacenters as zh8 and zh9 in Zurich, Switzerland, Europe.

We have submitted our self-declaration document for the Data Centers run by Green. At Zondax AG - Internet Computer Wiki and with SHA-256 hash
3aaadcf5fdf84c71c2f13e49a3e3b6512e71abb5d118b43eb5fe2e421767d5b5, in line with the announcement and discussion at New Node Provider Proposals - #19 by @SvenF.
We have submitted the following proposals:

Add node provider: Proposal: 112706 - IC Dashboard
Add datacenter zh8:Proposal: 112963 - IC Dashboard
Add datacenter zh9:Proposal: 112964 - IC Dashboard

We plan to install 2 nodes at zh8. We have also registered zh9 as we plan to use this DC in the near future.

We are leaders in research and development in the blockchain space and work for more than 50 of the top-100 blockchain projects. We build solutions to make the blockchain ecosystem more secure. Our team is 100% remote and distributed globally. We already operate on-prem infrastructure and are experienced in both cloud and DC operations.

With respect to ICP, our team has developed and maintains the Ledger Nano app that is used by the community. Moreover, we are currently contributing and providing feedback on the node onboarding process, hoping this will help the overall community.

We plan to run our nodes collocated into Tier3 or Tier4 DCs. In the first stage, we plan to use a couple of privately-owned datacenters (Green) where we already host our infra. We will inform the community about other DCs as we expand into other countries.

The first step is to run TWO Gen2 nodes at zh8 in order to ensure optimal provisioning and tooling on our side. Later on, the plan is to expand into other countries that will contribute to better coverage and distribution.

We hope everyone will adopt this proposal and we look forward to any feedback from you in the meantime


Wow glad to see you guys are becoming a node providers.

When will the ledger device support SNS tokens?

Hi @dfisher thank you, we’re really happy to keep contributing more into IC community. As per SNS support we have already developed this and it was reviewed by Ledger Support for SNS, NNS and ICRC by ftheirs · Pull Request #16 · LedgerHQ/app-icp · GitHub

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Dear all, just a quick note that the Node Proposal proposal for Zondax ( Proposal: 112706 - IC Dashboard ) has been approved as well as the DC proposal for zh9 Proposal: 112964 - IC Dashboard ). The proposal for zh8 Proposal: 112963 - IC Dashboard ) has been rejected as the zh8 Data Center in Zurich is the same as the current zh5 Data Center in Zurich, so a new proposal will be submitted by Zondax to link their new nodes to the zh5 Data Center. Will keep you informed when this proposal is submitted.

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Hi everyone,

based on the feedback from @SvenF we (Zondax) have just published a new proposal in zh5


Dear all,

My name is Karel Frank and I would like to proceed with the process to register as a Node Provider. I will start with 6 nodes in South Africa, 6 nodes in Australia and 6 nodes in New Zealand. I am an independent individual and had been supporting the project since 2017. I want to see IC nodes all over the world, and it would be a privilege to be the first node provider in the southern hemisphere.

I have submitted Proposal: 115658 to add my NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL as node provider. Proposals to add the specific data centres that I will use will be submitted in the near future.

My self-declaration documents are available at Karel Frank - Internet Computer Wiki

Special thanks to @SvenF for support and guidance through this process and for reviewing the draft Node Provider Proposals.

Please let me know if there are any questions and I am looking forward to your voting support to adopt this proposal.

Karel Frank