New community Github org and call for maintainers

Great initiative but why is this not built on the decentralized github instead?

If you dont use it, who will?

I guess the main reason is that Codebase has not been released yet… and thus not a usable alternative (at this point in time).

Also interested in being a maintainer of the org.

Name/Pseudonym: Dieter Sommer
Github ID: dietersommer · GitHub
Twitter ID:
Dev experience: Cryptographic protocol development at IBM Research, security engineering for private and retail banking
Opensource experience: Working with multiple open source projects
Other interesting facts:

Hi @benji, this is cool!
Name: Levi
GitHub: levifeldman
Twitter: levifeldman
OpenChat: Levi
Systems Coder, Fullstack software.
I am the creator and maintainer of the ic_tools Dart and Flutter package.
I live in Boston Massachusetts, US.

Codebase is definitely our preferred option once it’s available! One big advantage is that it can be controlled by a DAO with all of its decentralisation benefits (as opposed to GitHub which requires admin accounts to be set up in an organisation and thus the very purpose of this post to call for community maintainers to ensure proper decentralisation).

Is anyone interested in maintaining the ic-sqlite Azle and Kybra plugins within this organization? Would that be appropriate?

Azle and Kybra (TypeScript CDK and Python CDK) are likely to have many npm and PyPI packages that community members will want. Demergent Labs does not plan to maintain all (any?) of them, and we’re hoping the community will step up.

I’m interested in ic-sqlite, I can learn the code first, and maintain it in my spare time.:slight_smile:

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So the original dev that inspired the ic-sqlite plugin will probably be maintaining it actually (I found out after posting here), but we’ll hopefully need many more plugins in the future.

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