(NEW) Athena Protocol - Web3 Identity

Try it out here. It’s best if you click your way thru it, to get a feel of the experience.

An alternative identity to everything else out there.
Current status: Experimental
We still need to test out how this system will react to business & security requirements.


Hi @infu

Thanks for highlighting this.

Would you like to present your new protocol in the Identity & Authentication working group? The next session is on November 1st.

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Hey, sure. I will be happy to present it there.

Very cool, looking forward to it! I added you to the agenda here: Working Group Notes: Identity and Authentication - Google Docs

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Hi @infu, confirming that you will be presenting tomorrow at the Identity and Authentication Working Group. Here is the calendar info. Looking forward to your presentation!

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Sorry for missing the WG. I recorded a video Athena Protocol - YouTube

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