Internet Identity Roadmap Update, July 2022

Hi everyone,

June is almost over and we want to share our roadmap for July! You can find the previous roadmap update (for June) here: Internet Identity Roadmap Update, June 2022

Here’s how things are looking for July:

Again, guesstimate at best, and we’ll probably reshuffle and reprioritize a few things during the month.

Here are a few notes:

  • As you can see, “Protected Recovery Phrases” is still around. Life got in the way and this took a bit longer than expected, but we’ll be releasing that in the next few days. Make sure to subscribe to this thread for updates.
  • Pretty much all our Haskell tests have been ported to rust (I did shed a functional tear) thanks for @frederikrothenberger 's relentless work of porting and improving our canister tests.
  • In July our highest priority will be to provide solutions for dapps to change domain names. Right now, changing domain name (e.g. to would change all the pseudonyms (IDs) generated for users, meaning the dapp would not recognize a returning user. We (well, @frederikrothenberger mostly, I’ll be enjoying the sun on remote beaches) will make sure the transition is seamless between the two domains. More info on that soon.
  • We have a few people from other teams that’ll lend a helping hand with the CSS & HTML (though don’t expect anything too drastic) and with migrating the II canister to a different subnet (which we need because of reasons)
  • We’ll then also start thinking about how we can safely migrate Internet Identity to a new domain, probably something like, which has lots of unknowns, but which we also really need (due to bad content uploaded on the IC there’s a non-zero risk that ic0 will get blacklisted by some platforms). We’ll keep everyone posted on this.
  • “3rd Party Attributes” is just a renamed of “Integration with II”, i.e. integration of other auth providers with II.
  • This didn’t even last long enough to be shown on either the June or the July update, but we did a lot of work making sure that our builds can be reproduced, so that everyone can check that what is installed on the IC is indeed what’s in the GitHub repo.
  • Let’s not forget @frederikrothenberger’s life changing single click auth change, which you can read about here!

I’ll be out for a few weeks, so I wish you all a very nice start in the summer! :desert_island:


Great job with these updates, wish all teams did something similar.