I’m watching the event on YouTube and on the openchat demo we can see the authentication process via
Can we have a little documentation and access to that ?

If you have the github repo from openchat it could be intersting too.



Hey @anthonymq,

We’re working on getting this audited and properly documented.

Hope to release this :soon:


Great to hear about that ! Thanks for the update.
Can’t wait for it to be available :wink:

Hi guys,
Little bump on this thread :smiley: Dominic told us to do so on Twitter ahaha

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Bump on this again. The only source code I found with ic0auth is cancan… But it’s big and complicated. I’m looking for a super simple example ic0 Auth

I’ve got you fam


+1 for this demo, I used it and it was very helpful. Thanks @kpeacock!
One note, I had to use auth-client v0.8.9, v0.9.0 broke something for me (maybe won’t be the case for others)

it’s probably an import getting moved over to @dfinity/principal. I’ll update the demo’s versions to latest agent-js and see if I can resolve. In the meantime, if you do identify exactly what broke, please open an issue for me!


Really helpful, thank you!

Fixed it in the example, and discovered a problem that we need to patch in the SDK codegen

Is anyone employed by dfinity working on a GUI to enable managing seed neurons?