.NET/Blazor ICP Agent

Been working on a .NET implementation of an IC Http Agent and Candid models/encoding. Figured I’d share if it would be useful to others. Still in pre-release


Hi Gekctek,

Thank you for sharing! Please let me when you officially release it, and I’ll add a link to the project from our docs, along with other agents.


Will do. Thank you
I’m aiming for it being 1.0 before the hackathon is over

Please let me know if you run into some discrete pieces that would make good community bounties.

Great job @Gekctek , .NET has a large number developer…

Alright, v1.0 is finally done


Nuget Packages:

Also did a little Papy.rs blog post about it with more details


Always great seeing more building blocks for the IC coming from the community! Big fan of C#, may find myself using this in some personal projects.

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