[JS] JavaScript Agent version 0.9.0

Hello everyone, we have a couple updates to the JavaScript agent for you today!

First of all, you may have seen an earlier post, but the https://github.com/dfinity/agent-js repo is now open-source. We are now ready to start accepting issues and pull requests from the Internet Computer developer community, and GitHub issues are now our preferred way to handle bug and feature requests.

Secondly, we have continued splitting features apart into more atomic packages to enable smaller bundles for applications that are only using some features. to that end, we have created @dfinity/principal and @dfinity/candid, which all used to be lumped in with @dfinity/agent.


Additionally, the packages are now linked to each other as peerDependencies instead of dependencies, which will hopefully lead to better tree shaking. 0.9.0 is now the default version of these packages and is tagged as latest. Some features will need to be imported from @dfinity/principal or @dfinity/candid now, but they haven’t functionally changed all that significantly.

Next steps

We’re hopefully entering into a more stable period for the packages, where we can work on bugs, automation, and quality of life. I’ll be working to get test coverage up to a better threshold, and also working on general SDK and frontend dev experience enhancements. See you online!


Awesome! Lots more code to go through.

I noticed in canisterIDs file there is

"identity_docs": {
    "alpha": "vh6yy-miaaa-aaaaa-aaaya-cai",
    "ic": "3caxy-diaaa-aaaaa-qa7qq-cai"

Nothing seems to come up at 3caxy-diaaa-aaaaa-qa7qq-cai.ic0.app or 3caxy-diaaa-aaaaa-qa7qq-cai.raw.ic0.app. What URL should we use to view?

Ah yeah, I’ve consolidated the docs for mainnet but that PR is still open. The generated docs are all linked in the NPM Readme for each package