Do you think an IC agent implemented in C++ will be good to have?

I am wondering if people will find an agent implemented in C++ useful (similar to the Rust and JS agents)?

Good discussion to have!

The main use case, I’ve seen thus far is an agent that can be used within Unreal Engine for game/metaverse development, similar to the C# agent ICP.NET that is used within Unity.

We’ve funded the initial development of a C/C++ wrapper for the Rust agent: GitHub - Zondax/icp-client-cpp: Internet Computer - Client C/C++

However, I’m still wondering if this was the right path since the main difficulty seems to be to support all the different platforms Unreal Engine targets, but it seems the most important are PC/Mac.

Btw. you can see a list of all agents/client libraries that have been developed here: GitHub - dfinity/awesome-internet-computer: A curated list of awesome projects and resources relating to the Internet Computer Protocol