My token was lost on icpswap

Originally, the Reclaim Your Tokens page showed that I still had 70icp, but I only claimed 10icp. The 10icp was successfully returned to my account, but the remaining unclaimed 60icp was missing. How can I solve this problem?

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Sorry, sir. We’ve replied to you on Telegram. Please take a look.

Rest assured, your tokens won’t be lost. The Devs are working urgently to address this. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.


Update: Sir!! The update fixed it. It mainly took some extra time to locate the ICP. The ICP has now been returned to your wallet address. Please check it. Sorry for the inconvenience.



I had similar issue just now. 20:06 on Jan 9th i swapped 25 ICP for roughly 200K GHOST. I can see the swap in transactions, at the time it said it was successful transaction. However i have 0 GHOST in my wallet and I cant find them in reclaim tokens section either?

Did you add the correct GHOST token contract address in wallet? Follow me on Twitter to rectify this error if it persists. (@Tiannreed)

Hello, Sir, if you don’t find this transaction in your transaction records, it might have failed, and the tokens could be in your sub-account. Please find them through Reclaim: ICPSwap

If you can’t locate it in Reclaim, please send me your Principal ID, and I’ll assist you in checking.

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My motoko to ICP swap went through successfully, confirmed by a registered transaction.
2024-01-31 15:26:16 11.68129459 ICP to 0.23716202 MOTOKO.
However, I haven’t received my Motoko tokens, so I went to reclaim my tokens, my motoko’s didn’t show up.

We found that it seems that there is an issue with the canister of the $Motoko token, causing some users’ $Motoko to be stuck in the Motoko/ICP pool. Once the canister issue of the $Motoko is resolved. Affected users can find their tokens that are stuck in the pool through Reclaim!

Please refrain from trading $Motoko tokens for now. waiting for the $Motoko token canister to be fixed.

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I noticed that you said something about a sub account. I sent 37 ICP to one of the sub accounts that’s controlled by my “Internet identity” private key. I assumed that Internet computer operates like other block chains where all of the front ends use the same public “account” address and sent them to the account that was generated on the “IC scan” front end. I was trying to use ICP swap, but when I went to the ICPswap front end I noticed it was an entirely different wallet and principal.

Any one have idea on how to recover tokens that were sent to one of my sub accounts???

You would think that you could put your private key in and it pull up all balances from all accounts, just like other crypto smart wallets right?

Sir, are you using Internet identity to connect ICScan ( and ICPSwap?

Because Internet identity is to protect privacy, it will generate different Principal IDs when connecting to any DApp. Therefore, if you use Internet identity to connect NNS or ICScan, or ICPSwap, a different Principal will be generated.

So currently your ICP is in the Principal generated by your Internet identity connect ICScan.

Please use your Internet identity to connect ICScan and transfer your ICP to your other wallets.


I also lost some CLOWN tokens on ICPSWAP.

I tried to swap 9.11 clown tokens to ICP tokens twice and the transaction failed.

When I tried to reclaim the tokens, I only got 4.11 tokens back.

How can I reclaim my missing tokens?



It seems I have the roughly 2.6 and not 4.11 as my balance shows.

Each time the transaction failed, I lost some amount after reclaiming my tokens

Any luck yet? I guess it was meant to deduct an amount


Not yet.

I think that’s too high of amount to be considered a noemal transaction deduction (fee).

Also the reclaim shows the original amount at the start when you go to the reclaim page. After reclaiming, the actual amount sent back to the wallet is quite less.

Hi Team, Yesterday I swap ICP for a new token from my wallet and the transaxtion was successful but the tokens are not arrived to my wallet. I tried reclaim several times neither the token nor the ICP has been back to my wallet. the Token name is $UNIX.cannister id of the token is czaxy-piaaa-aaaak-afneq-cai

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Sir, you can reclaim tokens for unsuccessful transactions on Reclaim:

Additionally, if the token is not listed in the token list, you’ll need to manually import the token by using its token ID in your wallet to display the balance.

Hi Team,

Thanks for your email. I did both adding the token in the wallet and tried reclaim but not able to see the tokens. it was showing in the transactions but not showing up in the wallet

let me know if you require a principal id to have a check at it


Yes, thank you. Please give me your principal and let me check it for you.

my principal id :- nozjv-abqsf-m54l5-oalxz-df5n6-4zysx-7nglz-iskdg-bajkr-ratrl-nae

canister id:- czaxy-piaaa-aaaak-afneq-cai