DFINITY Education: Data Structures

Hello community,

@csolimano and I are excited to share the third milestone in our open-source educational series on developing on the IC. DFINITY Education is an effort to help students get up-to-speed with IC development through the lens of traditional computer science concepts. These repos include several modules, and are meant to serve as the backbone for educators looking to build out their own computer science coursework offerings.

This month’s content is centered around data structures in Motoko, how these data structures differ from conventional solutions on the IC, and how to think through their tradeoffs when developing your own canisters. Additionally, students will be able to leverage BigMap to serve as a scaleable backend to their API.We look forward to your questions and feedback.

Please don’t hesitate to raise issues on the repos themselves.


As Nick said, please take a look through the modules and message us with any questions or suggestions you have. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Ty to you both! This looks great – am excited to go through the content over the weekend. Will report back with feedback if I have any


Looking forward to it!

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