Monthly Global R&D Meeting

Hello everyone,

We at the DFINITY Foundation have been working to provide greater visibility into R&D and more opportunities for the community to provide feedback and learn how to contribute.

We are delighted to invite you to our first public Global R&D meeting happening on July 27th, 8:30 AM PT / 5:30 PM CET.

This is the first of our public R&D updates, which will occur every 4 weeks on Wednesdays.

Register here to join (webinar) live session and chat, or watch live on Youtube and/or Twitter.

Monthly sessions will be announced here.

Come and join to hear R&D updates, watch demos and learn how to get involved.
Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Just to confirm: will the replay be uploaded to YouTube afterwards?

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YES replay will be available on YouTube


Awesome! Looking forward to this meeting :100:

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Will there be a link to show the R&D detailed roadmap (maybe update weekly?) so that the community could see?

This was a very cool slide:

^ Although I’ve never heard of “subnet rental” or “streaming sup”… what are they?

Also, I was a little surprised at how slow the BTC API calls were. Balance queries took 10 seconds and transfers took 30 seconds. Is this because they were demoing with the BTC testnet, or is that really how long it takes?


We are still planning to give monthly roundups like this one, but with more visibility as we gave today: Update on the IC Roadmap: June 2022 Summary


Yes, I saw the slide too, that’s what I am pointing to. @diegop just like the above slide which is the real roadmap and easy to understand. That would be cool to be able to see this and maybe update maybe weekly.


Yes, we plan to have more or less this slide beautified on the website.


Subnet rental is the idea that one could make a proposal to form a subnet that they could use exclusively to guarantee sufficient resources for one’s dapp. Of course, such a proposal would require submission of sufficient ICP to cover the cost of the such a subnet for a sufficiently long time. Details will follow.


I saw an example from point network: maybe you could share the roadmap with the community like this?