Monthly Global R&D Meeting

Team, October Global R&D Meeting will happen on November 2, 2022. Sign up here: Live Sessions


please can any one help
i tried running the internet computer but its not working this is what am seeing instead

hello, please contact support:

When will the November 2 Global R&D replay be available on YouTube?

Soon according to @diegop on Twitter. I have had this page open and refreshing every now and again:


Yup! Recording should be up soon, it was just being cleaned up as we do with all the videos before uploading.

will let you know when the recording is available on Youtube

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It’s available: Global R&D - October 2022 - YouTube
CC @jzxchiang

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Is this the best place for follow-up discussion on each Global R&D Meeting?

I’m looking for the code for the Bitcoin/ckBTC demo from the Global R&D Meeting just now.


For BTC specific discussion, the thread related to BTC integration is here: Direct Integration with Bitcoin - #611 by Manu


Can we test the ckBTC function?