Model Exploration: Use SNS1 as part or all of project's Token,to gradually implement part or all of the Token's functionality

Model Exploration: Use SNS1 as part or all of a project’s Token,to gradually implement part or all of the Token’s functionality
Note: This may not mean that the project cannot issue Tokens now or later.

Voting is to increase consultation, build consensus, deepen cooperation ,enhance mutual trust,tackle challenges together,declare and reach consensus, and to lay the foundation for the import of traffic, talent, money and other resources. This requires co-business, co-build, co-share and co-market, etc.

1 As we all know, some projects want to take advantage of IC’s powerful and unique combinability, interactivity, etc, but are not suitable for issuing coins because of policies, laws, regulation, environment, product attributes, costs, etc.
2Projects can devote more resources to the product itself and avoid investing unnecessary resources in token, governance, and other aspects not related to the product itself
3 SNS1 and other projects (that use SNS1 as a token) can complement each other and empower each other
4 As a holder of SNS1, we should enjoy the rights of SNS1 while fulfilling our obligations to make it better

5 More fully apply,demonstrate and inspire IC’s strong combination, interactivity and other unique innovations

Examples of possible use scenarios (general, can be improvised, possible clustering effect between scenarios, aggregation effect, etc.)
1 Some outsourcing projects have certain problems in quality management, security, sustainability, etc. They can give the governance of possible problems, promotion and distribution,etc, to the SNS1 community and use SNS1 as a Token or part of the Token of the project to become a community of interest, thus exploring more possibilities and stimulating Problem solving
2 Some Internet protocols or tools are maintained by many volunteers who do not make money or make less money, and a similar approach can be used
3 Projects that combine online and offline
4 Someone is in trouble and needs help but he/she doesn’t want to get it for free
5 Education, charity projects and other non-profit projects

Last but not the end
The details and ideas of the model and some of the actions that should be taken accordingly are not perfect, so I’m looking forward to stimulating your imagination and action,co-business, co-build, co-share and co-market!Let the most dynamic, inclusive and decentralized community in IC become the hub of innovation and development!
Regardless of whether the vote is passed or not, the trend is unstoppable.To better empower SNS1 with the original countless you and me, and to form a better model for the later SNS!
IC want you( All tokens can be used anywhere on the IC. All you want is already supported. )!
I want to give my best wishes to my dear friends and family, I hope that all your wishes come true, everything goes well, safe trip wherever you go!


The idea to have other projects incorporate SNS1 and maybe others like ckBTC tokens into there treasury is a great idea as opposed to solely ICP,I think you missed how to make it viable though for other projects and how to implement

As for viability, diversity in a treasury is often a good thing.

How to convince Dfinity to implement this into the SNS so projects can store ckBTC and SNS tokens into treasuries seems like something worth pursuing

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Thank you for your inspiration.Looking forward to your actions accordingly!
Far more than that, we should organically integrate broader[projects, organizations, DAOs ,etc(including but not limited to other chains,ecosystems, WEB0,WEB1,WEB2…), and other things conducive to long-term] and deeper(Consultation,Education,Incentives,Model Exploration, Build, Achievement Transformation, Market,business,Science,Technology ,etc) things to achieve Sustainable Research, Development and Innovation!

Thank you very much for your inspiration and works!

Let’s continue to discuss and explore these solutions in more detail or address any specific aspects you have in mind regarding the ICP token economics.

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