SNS/1 development queries/upgrade proposal for NNS

The idea is to have other projects incorporate SNS1 and other IC works like ckBTC into the funding treasury as opposed to solely ICP+native token

,I think you missed how to make it viable though for other projects and how to implement

As for viability, diversity in a treasury is often a good thing and this is undoubted

How to convince Dfinity to implement this into the SNS so projects can store ckBTC and SNS tokens into treasuries as opposed to just there native token seems like something worth pursuing

These tokens could be split evenly into baskets of tokens in treasury on a decentralisation sales ending or whatever the DAO decides

SNS1, BTC seem like scarce resources, which treasuries may want to accumulate for future funding

I think this should be implemented by Dfinity into the NNS for the SNS