How can ICRC-1 standard tokens such as SNS1 be used as Token for other projects to achieve some or all of the functions of the Token (including the use of SNS, etc.) when the project itself does not issue tokens?Thank you!

1 Some projects are not suitable for token issuance due to regulatory, legal, product attribute, cost, etc.
2 Projects can devote more resources to the product itself and avoid investing unnecessary resources in token, governance and other aspects not related to the product itself
3 SNS1(or other ICRC-1 standard tokens ) and other projects (that use SNS1 as a token) can complement each other and empower each other
4 More fully demonstrate IC’s strong combination, interactivity and other unique innovations


All tokens can be used anywhere on the IC. All you want is already supported.

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WOW!Wonderful!Thank you!

I do think there are some interesting things being done with sns1 outside of the sns eco system, the Stakehouse seems promising for example

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