Tracking neuron after fully dissolving

Hello. I am in the unfortunate position of having to track the neurons that were in my internet ID. My Internet ID was stolen from me. So my question is: If I have the neuron’s info, how can I trace the neuron after it fully dissolves? I would like to try to find out where it goes after fully dissolving. Thanks in advance.

Check out this:

You can use to track transactions of the account identifier for that neuron.

Thank you Jennifertran. I’ll try to see if I can figure out what you’re recommending. But the heart of my question is about after it’s fully dissolved and the thief is then able to do something with it. Cash it out for example. I would like to know how to track the neuron to wherever it goes. How do I do that?

very easy
go to icp dashboard and simply enter your neuron main address and hit enter

then click transaction flow

this works with any icp address

send or recieve
even the stacking neuron address

it will show you the address that was used to sent the tokens, in or out the nns
the amount of tokens and where they came from or went to

in order for the person to take out the tokens he os she will have to send the tokens to the main address to then send them out unless the “thieve” decides to sell your account in id geek for example then you will only be able to trace the buyer who is not guilty of anything

the same thieve can buy the account pretending to be a buyer then you won’t be able to accuse him
of anything because he or she will say that is not their fault or problem that they only bought that account and they are not responsable of anything
they didn’t know it was stolen
so that is a way to whitelist an stolen account

I wish I had the community’s support to freeze the neuron. It’s my life’s savings in there.