Getting back control of canisters and wallets after a broken computer

My windows crashed and I lost all files and folders related to my canisters. I just reinstalled everything including dfinity sdk and I’m lost how to to control the canisters from new system. I don’t mind about the lost assets but would like to know if there is a simple way to set up same canisters IDs, principals on the local network so I can decide about changing frontend assets. Any help would be appreciated.

as long as you have the controller of canister.

for my case, I create my canisters from NNS, and add the principal from development as controller, which I can deploy code to canister, so if I lost development env as yours, I still can login NNS to add new controller and take back my canisters.

you can check your configuration:

  1. get your new development principal : dfx identity get-principal
  2. get your canister’s controller : dfx canister --network ic info
    if match, everything is fine

Thank you so much. I’ll give that a try and let you know. Also, I’d like to ask what is the command to check a wallet with cycles in it as long as you have principal and wallet ID. Regards.

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Thank you! I appreciate the information. I’ll work on it.