Trouble Setting a Controller for a canister

I’m trying to set a principal as a controller for a canister. When I perform this command dfx wallet --network ic add-controller my-principal I get this response in the terminal Added my-principal as a controller. but when I try to view the canister from the UI, I’m getting told that I can’t access the details of the canister because I’m not the controller. I made sure to run this command beforehand dfx identity --network ic deploy-wallet bs4fi-aaaaa-aaaap-qaabq-cai and got this result in the terminal Creating a wallet canister on the ic network. The wallet canister on the "ic" network for user "default" is "bs4fi-aaaaa-aaaap-qaabq-cai"

Does anyone know why I wouldn’t be able to view the canister details from the UI at this point?

Note that there is a distinction between wallet controller and canister controller.

This thread should clear things up

Thank you. That thread was exactly what I needed.

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