Migrate to the InfinitySwap Wallet from Plug

Here is a migration guide for anyone using Plug who wants to transfer their assets to a well supported and maintained wallet on the IC, the InfinitySwap Wallet.

You can integrate the wallet here from the docs. We have the same integration API as Plug.


Link above doesn’t work. Here is the correct link: How to Plug into InfinitySwap: Migrating to the Bitfinity Wallet

I cannot migrate until you guys offer a mobile option.

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Is it migration a bit of a misnomer. I’m guessing you’re just going to import the same pem files, so you would have the same accounts on both plug and the infinity wallet. So if you absolutely need mobile, you can keep using Plug for that until it stops working.

Yes, we are actually seed phrase compatible.

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Infinityswap wallet is still not fully functional.
Lack of many functions and graphic design is poor.
Infinityswap is much better in marketing sector.
If not the best.
They run marketing stuff like crazy.

Hi RetroModern, what functions do you think we are lacking? The home page UI is due to be updated in the next release.

*Please add more tokens
Infinity wallet:
*In receive tokens section missing Ext
*Ghost,Dogmi etc no logo
*Nfts doesnt displayed( Dsvr portal collection /Entrepot)
*No mobile version

Hi Retro,

Thank you for your feedback, we are working on surfacing these tokens.

Staking - we will leave to the NNS Dapp for now.
More tokens are coming, currently there is only the ICRC-1 token. We are not consciously supporting other community standards as it is important for the community to coalesce on one major standard.

In the wallet, you can receive EXT, although we can improve on the labelling. Thanks for the note.
EXT Logos will be added in the next release.

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