Are there any IC GUI-based wallets that are compatible with ICRC1 during local development (not mainnet IC)?

I want to test like a user would with a third party wallet. (I know I can add the functionality to the dapp directly without a third party wallet but it just feels more real when the tokens show up in and respond to an independent wallet).

On mainnet, to my knowledge only Bitfinity Wallet currently supports ICRC1s, but it’s not available locally.

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Hi, this is available locally in our next release which will ship in a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Looking forward to it.

Is there an expected delivery date or updates on this?

Shipped, you can read the docs here: wallet | InfinitySwap

Thanks. It seems there’s a misunderstanding. I don’t need the wallet to connect to the app. I need the GUI wallet to connect to the local replica, so that the GUI wallet can be used to eg login to a local Internet Identity identity, add an ICRC token found in the local replica, send it to a local address, view the local balance of your local identity, etc.

Basically a GUI toggle inside the wallet itself, like this:

This should satisfy your requirements, by setting the host to that of your local dfx replica. This is just specified in code rather than through a toggle.

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Now I see what it’s doing. Yes, it should work this way too.