Plug, an Internet Computer Crypto Wallet & Identity Provider


Bringing some news from the team at Fleek, sharing that we released Plug (V0.1.0), a crypto wallet browser extension and identity provider for the Internet Computer. You can download the Alpha from our GitHub releases page and start testing away.

With Plug we’re building a wallet to allow anyone to hold all their IC tokens in one place, log into IC apps through a simple browser extension pop-up, and trigger transactions/transfers requests to their wallet from apps. All using the same Principal ID as your main centerpoint unique identifier.

V0.1.0 focuses on ICP wallet features first, and -in the coming weeks- V0.2.0 will add the PlugAgent so devs can start integrating/interacting with Plug to provide one-click authentication to Plug users and interact with their balances; then V0.3.0 will follow soon after adding support for holding and sending cycles as well!

Always happy to share more or answer any doubts :call_me_hand: Plug’s intro article is also a good starting point to get a complete overview of the project. We’re also on Twitter & Discord, so reach out anytime!


Super excited for this!


Nice one, can’t wait to see released version

UI looks amazing! would love to eventually see custom tokens like WTC (wrapped trillion cycles) be implented.

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Thanks! Custom tokens are definitely coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My plug wallet has been barn from kiwi browser and I didn’t save my seed phrase please help

I have a question about plug’s security model. Say if I put the NNS ledger id in the whitelist, does it mean that my JS frontend will have access to all the user’s fund on the ledger?