Is Plug Mobile working?

I use the plug-connect button. I just tried if it works on iOS but I just get directed to the plug app and then it loads forever without doing anything.

Is it supposed to work? Should I stop using it to begin with as the team seems to have left the ecosystem?


Unless you need it for DIP20 tokens specifically, it may be best to use one of the others. Bitfinity Wallet supports ICRC1s and NFID supports EXT I think and I’m told intends to add ICRC1 soon.

Internet Identity on its own can also work.

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thank you! Do you know which wallets use the same principals across all dapps? For my dapp, it would be nice if at least one payment method would not require the users to first top-up their app-specific wallet. Plug was nice for that.

Not sure what defaults are used but as a general rule, the account with the “null” subaccount (not a sub-type of account, better though of as “accountindex”), might make sense:

let user_owned_account : Account = {
  owner : Principal = user_principal;
  subaccount : ?Blob = null;

People building wallets or on the Ledger and Tokenization Working Group may know.

I have a feeling I have a big misunderstanding about what the principal is, so the null subaccount idea above may not make sense.

Try Bitfinity wallet.

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Thank you, I rather meant though which wallets use the same principals. I think plug uses the same for all apps. This means once the user has a balance on the default account for that principal, they can make a payment with one click (confirming the transfer after having already signed in). This would be nice for my use case and to get initial traction. The alternative is that they have to first top-up their app-specific principal which is how II and many other auth methods seem to work.

I think what you say makes sense (I forgot if it’s just null for the default account or how that works but it sounds right to me).

Yes, something like that is very much needed. An identifier / address with automatic compatibility for all apps by default (and of course retaining an ability to create many of those independent identifiers if the user so wishes).

I ended up creating my own in-app wallet yesterday after realising there is no third party GUI wallet capable of sending ICRCs to accounts of non-null subaccount, which are effectively needed (it can be done differently but I’d also call it wrongly) when administering user funds in your app in segregated accounts (most of defi).

I think we’re going to have to find a way to simplify the environment in practice, as well as have basic things like wallets with full functionality that map to the complete capabilities of the IC, for things to develop.

Sorry, I forgot to answer.

That sounds really cool! Yeah, I agree there is a lot of stuff that is missing or could be improved or be more clear. In case you have a link to what you’re building (or social media), let me know, I’m always curious to follow and see new projects.

No worries at all.

The ecosystem, including some of its basic pieces is still very much under construction, but in a sense the whole world is.

I’ve been working on this:


That sounds amazing! That’s definitely something that is needed :slight_smile:

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Yes, I actually came to the IC to do something else but changed it to a stablecoin when I realised we don’t have one and I need it to do the other thing.


Smart contracts wallets
From AstroX Discord

Thanks for mentioning us.

The canister wallet is still in early beta, and we are tying very hard to roll it out.

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