Merge/join two neurons

Is it possible to somehow merge two neurons?
For example I have created one neuron with 10 ICPs stake and after second neuron with 30 ICPs.
(it seems there was a possibility to increase stake of neurone, but it was not so clear)
And now I whould like to merge/join these two neurons to have one with stake size 40 ICPs (it should decrease time for ‘Spawn Neuron’).

Or probably there are some plans to add such feature in a future?


I want to see this feature too, but it doesn’t seem to be available at this time.

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You can see all the things you can do with neurons here: ic/ at master · dfinity/ic · GitHub

Merging is tough because the principals may not match…but I’d expect that if the principals were the same it would be possible.

I’m happy to let you know that the functionality to do this is now live in the governance canister. It can be accessed by quill only today, but once it has been surfaced in the NNS dapp an announcement will be made here along with more information about the feature.


This is great! I’m guessing dfx will work as well as long as we have the candid? Can hot keys call it?

Yes, you could certainly call governance directly with the updated candid interface. Hot Keys cannot merge neurons, however, nor is the set of established hot keys affected in any way by the merging operation.

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Awesome. Thanks John! This is a great feature.

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