Maturity burning and neuron spawning

anyone have experience with spawning a new neuron after the change to the rewards mechanism?

i’m trying to figure out if the maturity drops first and the new neuron is created, and then 7 days later that neuron is filled with newly minted ICP


is the maturity is burned on the 7th day when the minting takes place?

need this info for my neuron revenue accounting application, and since there isn’t a testnet hopefully someone knows

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Keep us updated on this app/ tool when completed, please. Personally, this type of application would be a cool way for those in heavily regulated areas to properly report and track their earned income or revenue off neurons

well it’s just a bunch of google apps scripts and spread sheets that uses a json files from which isn’t being actively worked on anymore… : /

i’m lucky i have this otherwise i would have turned off all voting and unlocking all my neurons cuz otherwise it’s pretty impossible to do revenue recognition properly without taking a really extremely risky position, which i person am not willing to do.

unfortunately Dominic seems to have his own ideas around what is proper compliance which imho puts undue risks on neurons holders who use accrual basis accounting method