Lost 1.8k sonic token when tried to increase my stake: out of cycles


I just tried to add stake to one of my Sonic neurons in SNS and it looks like I lost ~1831 Sonic tokens

There was an error while increasing the stake of the neuron. Call was rejected: Request ID: *** Reject code: 2 Reject text: Canister qgj7v-3qaaa-aaaaq-aabwa-cai is out of cycles

I do not see those sonic tokens in my account and neuron stake did NOT increase :frowning:

What do I do now?

Why is there no automated solution to top off the most important canisters?
This looks like a really bad joke

Seems the canister has been topped up with cycles in the meantime. All that is needed now is one call to the governance canister to refresh the state of your neuron. One way of doing this is increasing the stake by another (can be tiny) amount. Otherwise it can also be done from CLI tools using the neuron id.

The tokens are not lost.