Looking for ICP Dev to work with grant on KISMI.APP project

Hey dear Dfinity people,
Warmest welcomes to the community.
Im Edgar, working on KISMI.APP project
Its a gamified WEB 3.0 photo voting platform and community to make contests for people photos, NFT artists, pets, characters and plenty ideas to be shared.

At the moment we got approved grant from ICP for 5k for POC creation, it didn’t came together with previous developer, so we are looking for a new one to join our team as co-founder to help us with development and at the moment to setup both milestones for 2.5k + 2.5k POC version to be built. After can go for 25k and we already have interest from other communities and sponsors to grow.

We already got design for our project, prototype as demo, community in Discrod that you are welcomed to join where we are launching our first contests:

If you would like to be a part of a gang, ping me on Discord Edgar Zhunda#8737 or on Telegram @Zhunda

Were keen on growing this mass adoption viral social app and would be happy to share benefits of it with you. :rocket: