Is the SNS Ledger canister operational?

I’m looking to incorporate the SNS ledger canister into my app. I know the last time i checked, it wasn’t yet operational, but that was months ago. Does anyone know if it’s been released for use? If so, where can i find the documentation? If not, do you know the projected release date?

I would say not yet but as always, happy to be contradicted.

According the public roadmap SNS is part of the Carbon release scheduled for Q2 2022.

Thank you, Kindly for the information.

This is a tough situation for token developers, as most DEXs being built right now support DIP20 or some variation of DIP20.

I don’t think they support the NNS/SNS ledger interface directly. It’s a pretty barebones interface.

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What do you mean by they dont support NNS/SNS ledger interface directly? For example Sonic supports trading ICP. Is “indirect” support enough?

About roadmap, @lara just shared some information about the timeline.

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