Is there a list of projects on the IC?

Is there a list of projects building on the Internet Computer?

I’ve seen this page but it just seems to list projects from the Tungsten hackathon.

This is an exciting project but needs to be more accessible to new developers. I’m thinking about starting a list to track projects if someone hasn’t already.

If you’re working on something and want to share with the community, let us know about it here.

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Hi mjs, you’re welcome to start a proper awesome list of some kind, that would be great!

There is a site coming up to list apps and services running on the network too—it’ll be running on the IC itself—we were weighing up whether to include an alpha/beta stage choice for un-launched projects, if developers working on projects think this would be useful?


I have a list of Motoko-based libraries and projects, with various levels of polish (most are WIP):


I am super interested in said list - also willing to help create/maintain the list.