Entrepreneurship groups for finding the right people to work with

It would be cool to set up a group to discuss and iterate startup projects on the internet computer.

With the involvement of everyone in the community, we can iterate ideas, make them better and find the right people to work on them.
And if someone within Dfinity can administer the group and evaluate these ideas, it would make the development of IC projects faster which in turn results in mass adoption.

What do you think guys. Leave a comment and like this post.
Let everyone know!


I like it! I’m actively pursuing new ideas using Dfinity. I’ll join for sure and contribute!

Heres some ideas I’ve been throwing around:

  • A youtube series which demos: Dfinify vs Filecoin vs Storj vs Neo3.0 vs ETH
  • A youtube series which demos: Bootstrapping DevOps - Dfinifty vs Centralized Way (dfinity saves you months of work vs the alternative of AWS/Terraform/Jenkins)
  • Decentralized code back up repositories and revision histories as a replacement for Github + Command line tool
  • A public github with extendable boilerplates to spur developer activity such as:
    • social media skeleton app (user profiles, auth, friends lists, adding friends, viewing friends profile)
    • eCommerce skeleton app

anyways just thinking out loud, still deciding which project to pursue


If you do a comparison video of currently available blockchain protocols to develop complex projects, it would be helpful to many…

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Re: boilerplates, I have this repo https://github.com/MioQuispe/ic-starter-templates which is open to PRs.
Would be cool with a social media skeleton variant for sure. Things like auth could perhaps even be part of the standard ones since practically every app will need it.

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Sign me up. There are real sweat equity guerrilla capitalism opportunities here. In addition, you can create something of substance that is perpetual.

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I would recommend joining the community discord, may be easier to organize there.


Throwing some of the things we are working on (my self, developer, and a designer):

  1. NFT platform similar to Enjin and Immutable, except layer 1 'coz infinite scalability…
  2. Cross-chain Atomic bridges (starting with ETH, then ERC20 tokens). Essentially allowing users to securely transfer other crypto-currencines into the IC via decentralized native on-onchain storage and atomic swaps.
  3. DEX and Decentralized Marketplace (for NFTs)
  4. An NFT game

Definitely looking to collaborate, have a lot of things already working just waiting on live deployment…