Request to add our projects to the public list

Hello everyone,

We are the team behind Usergeek, and we would like to request that our three projects be added to the public list. Our projects are:

All three of these projects have been developed for IC community and are 100% built on the IC. We believe that they would be a valuable addition to the public list, and we would love to see them recognized and supported by the wider community.

We understand that the public list is a curated list, and that not all projects are accepted. However, we feel that our projects meet the criteria for inclusion, and we are confident that they would be well-received by the wider community the same as they are received by our users already.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,
The Usergeek team

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Hi @alexeychirkov

Thanks for contributing to the ecosystem. :slight_smile:

The II list is pulled from the portal repo showcase. Please add your applications there by making a pull request against that repository (e.g. similar to this one).
So far, only usergeek is present in that list.

Also make sure to set "usesInternetIdentity": true in your entry.

We will update the list regularly.

Best regards,

Update: I’ve taken the liberty to set the II flag on the existing canister geek entry: Fix wrong II keys and set flag on canister geek by frederikrothenberger · Pull Request #1461 · dfinity/portal · GitHub

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