Internet Identity sdk Git: protocol on port 9418 changes

FYI for those out there deving off of the internet identity package … Github finalized their changes for unauthed git: access … and the Internet Identity repo needs to get update to make a change … you might get an error like this:

Caused by:
  remote error:
    The unauthenticated git protocol on port 9418 is no longer supported.
  Please see for more information.
  ; class=Net (12)

today March 15 they finalized the change… scroll down to “when”

you can move forward by changing this file:

vi src/internet_identity/Cargo.toml

and changing line 12 from “git://” to “https://” … and continue on your merry way …


This issue should have been fixed by this pull request to the Internet Identity repository a few months ago.

I recommend pulling down the latest Internet Identity repo changes and seeing if this issue still exists for you.

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holy cow, you are right … was automatically pulling the repo but manually edited a file (dfx.json) which aborted the pull … my bad … did not meant to distract, so thanks for posting the response … basically my local clone was not updating and I thought it was … :slight_smile: … no one is perfect :wink:

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and thanks for replying … really appreciate it …