Proposal 91908 to update Internet Identity: unified authentication & more

Hi all!

We’ve just submitted proposal 91908 to update Internet Identity. In a nutshell:

  • This release is the first to include (non-user-facing) code for the archive canister which we’ve mentioned a couple of times! You won’t notice the difference but it’s a big milestone for us, as it’ll help us debug some obscure user issues and help identify compromised anchors early.
  • There’s now a single unified screen for authenticating both to II and to 3rd party dapps! This makes authentication experiences a bit more consistent.
  • There’s a ton more infrastructure changes and small fixes: Release release-2022-11-15: Deploy archive and unify authentication flow · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub

The unified authentication screen:

The new, simplified landing page (for first time users only, to take them by the hand):

Enjoy, and as always let us know what you think!


Alright folks it’s live!

We had another two proposals (three in total); the first proposal failed to upgrade II due to some technical issue (II now expects new initialization and upgrade arguments which we forgot to add to the proposal) so we had to retry with a second proposal and we used to opportunity to include some backend fixes and frontend refactors. Finally, the third proposal changed the welcome page text a little and simplified the authentication screen a bit further:

Let us know what you think and if everything makes sense!