Internet Identity release-2023-10-27 issue

When checking Proposal 125339 am getting some errors shown below:

Can anyone reproduce this ?


I forwarded the post to the team.

Hi @ZackDS, thanks for reporting this.
Indeed, our proposal verification script is broken for this release. We’re on it, and will update you asap.

  • Bartosz.

The problem with Proposal 125339 is caused by a caching bug in the verification script (the release is actually OK). The Foundation will vote NO on this proposal, as the verification instructions in the proposal do not allow for a verification of the release. So the next steps are as follows:

  • vote Proposal 125339 down
  • fix the bug in the verification script (partially done in PR 1989), and improve CI & release processes to avoid such issues in the future
  • prepare a new release and a new proposal, with the usual 3-day delay for verification and voting (we’ll update this thread with the new proposal once ready)

Thanks again for the report, and apologies for the troubles.


Hey no problem, thanks for checking it out and sorry for the inconvenience. Also thanks for the clear explanation " If a new file is introduced, its timestamp needs to be updated as well. This was overlooked when introducing the canister_sig_utils crate."

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The new proposal is Proposal 125357.


All good. Thank you.

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