Internet Identity (Doubt in creating a new II Anchor)

Internet Identity

When I am trying to create a new anchor internet identity , I am supposed to write a Special Character to get my device authenticated instead of biometric authentication, I am not getting what character i have to type in there ?
Attaching Screenshot for more clarity.

The user flows may have changed since I last did it but this looks suspicious to me. What steps led you to this url?

I was checking PrivIc Github Repo , and there was a Link below to directly visit PrivIC in readme section , Whil led me to the below link,

In which when i was trying to login , It led me to the same URL above .
Link to Github Repo : GitHub - open-ic/priv-ic

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I would be very wary of anything that tries to get you to add a new device when you aren’t explicitly trying to add a new device that you own.

Adding a new device gives the person controlling that device the ability to remove other devices and seed phrases, as well as make transactions and manage neurons in the NNS app.

The trustworthy urls for Internet Identity and the NNS app are and


Also I can use yubikey of any brand to use as a authenticator?
Or is there any specific brand which you can suggest me ?

Also how can we use Our device Pin or Password to authenticate instead of Yubikey , since it is written in the docs , we can use them but i dnt think there is a way mentioned to do so.

YubiKey works.

Other instructions might be device specific. What kind of devices do you have?

I am using Lenovo Idepad Laptop with Linux OS, and Iphone, I created new anchor using my Iphone but cant create or link my laptop as a new device , without yubikey.
What are the device specifications to use pin or password of machine as authentication?

Internet Identity dev here: I just wanted to add my two cents.

What your looking at on is a dev version of the NNS dApp. Pressing login there, takes you to a dev version of Internet Identity. The character in the captcha is actually just ‘a’.

But you should not be using those applications. Their state might be wiped at any time.
What ever the PrivIC wanted to link to is no longer there. I’ll contact the developers of PrivIC to update their readme.

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