II dev (local) build "Unexpected error" anyone?

This thread is not an inquiry for support, and it’s not an issue on mainnet neither.

I’m curious to know if anyone else is also facing the same weird behavior locally with the II dev build, or if it’s just happening on my machine.

In short, when I start a clean local replica (dfx start --clean), deploy my canisters, and use the II dev build, everything works perfectly. However, if I start my project again (dfx start) the next time, I won’t be able to create new anchors without agent-js login function throwing an “Unexpected error” message. The anchors are created, and data-wise everything seems fine. I can still sign-in with the anchor I just created, but the sign-in flow user experience fails.

Is anyone else facing this strange behavior? It’s not a big issue, just something I’m curious about. If it’s not just on my side, it might be worth investigating further to find out what’s causing it. But if it’s just on my side, I can live with it, as I have been doing for a while now :wink:.


I’m having the same problem.

I can’t log in NNS Dapp.My google chrome version is 116.0.5845.110。

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@curry my post has to do with a LOCAL development issue. According our screenshot I understand you have issue on mainnet so your reply is not related at all. You should either contact the support or start a different post in which you share more information.