Error: Cannot find canister id

I have multiple projects on my computer. After switching from one and trying to build another using ‘dfx build’, I’m confronted with an error suggesting ‘dfx canister create project_frontend’. This project is operational with an existing frontend. Why am I seeing this error? Previously, this led me to create a new canister, subsequently requiring DNS updates for my domain to point to the new canister – a lengthy and unnecessary process. How can I resolve this without redoing everything?

It looks like you’re targeting your local environment. If you want to access mainnet, you have to use the --network ic flag

Thanks, but i want to first see what it looks like before i push to mainnet…

This is only for mainnet deployments. Anything you do locally should be just fine without going through such a process. Go ahead and create the canister locally, there’s not really anything you can do wrong. Even more convenient is dfx deploy, which will handle canister creation for you

Ok, so i have updated some files, i do not need to rebuild before doing dfx deploy ?

dfx deploy automatically rebuilds for you

Ah, ok i see - thanks. One other question - let’s say a team member created our token using the ICRC-1 standard - on their computer - how can he transfer the ownership to another owner?

Have a look at dfx canister update-settings --help. The term you’re interested in is ‘controller’

Ok, thanks - will check

Hey there,

We’re in the process of creating our utility token with the IC token standard. But honestly, the security aspect and the weight of responsibility around it are a bit daunting. Got any security advice to offer? We get the basics, but diving into the IC scene is new for us. We’re still wrapping our heads around Canisters, Principal, and the likes. We’re making rapid progress, though. Fancy giving our project a test run this weekend? the demo should be ready by Friday or Saturday! We’re actually hoping some folks will take a crack at trying to hack it too. Would you be up for it? :slight_smile:

Here’s a bunch of security advice: Internet Computer Loading

I probably won’t have a look since I’ll be on PTO after Friday, but feel free to post the link here. Maybe someone else will be interested

Sounds good, thanks, will take a look at it.