and command line tool

Is it possible to control identity created in app from command line?

Sure, the Candid interface of the internet Identity is available, and you can talk to it like any other canister.

I actually have a poc patch against dfx that adds your Internet Identity as one of dfx’s “identities”; once the sdk repo is public I can share it. (or maybe it added dfx’s key as a device to the Internet Identity? Anyways, both are possible and useful)

Ah, but if you mean not only whether it’s possible, but also whether someone has implemented it already? I don’t think so.

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I have an identity #11111 registered in I have a security key and recovery phrase assigned to it. My question was - how can I have an access to the same identity #11111 from console?
Can I use security key in dfx command?
As I understood correctly It would be possible to create and add device to my identity using dfx command but it is not yet public. Is it right?

Correct. it’s possible, but not done yet.

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Here is my PoC code from a while ago. May have bitrotted, though: feat: Internet Identity integration (POC stage) by nomeata · Pull Request #1665 · dfinity/sdk · GitHub


And here is an attempt to finish that work without having to do it: Community Project proposal: Integrate Internet Identity into dfx :slight_smile:

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It would be great! Thank you!