Internet Identity Is Now Pullable!

Hi everyone

Just a quick announcement that the Internet Identity canister now supports the dfx deps feature.

You can add Internet Identity to your dev setup by specifying the following block in the canisters object in the dfx.json file:

  "canisters": {
    "internet-identity" : {
      "type": "pull",
      "id": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai"

This will pull in the dev build of Internet Identity (without WebAuthn and with a deterministic captcha).

If you need another flavour (i.e. prod or test build) you will still need to add Internet Identity via URL and type custom:

"internet_identity_prod": {
  "type": "custom",
  "candid": "",
  "wasm": "",
  "remote": {
    "id": {
      "ic": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai"

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


If you’re new to the feature, here’s a quick guide on getting started with DFX Pull: How to use DFX Pull

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