How to use same account on and dfx command line?

I am developing with Ubuntu 20.04 and have gone through the tutorials. The problem is that when I tried to access from my browsers, it notified me that wants to use some sort of authentication. After pressing proceed, it doesn’t do anything. 10 seconds later the says authentication failed.

So, I used my phone to connect to NNS.

Now, I want to be able to use the with GUI and develop with the same credentials on linux command line.

I linked a canister to the GUI on my phone but cannot add cycles to it(can’t scroll down to confirm transaction). Also, on it says that I’m linked but not administrator so I can’t do anything.

The only thing in the docs related to my question is:

I don’t know if this is to actually allow access and is just a meta example.

I don’t understand the code so would rather not do it this way

Does it have to be this elaborate or is there a simpler way?


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