ICLIGHTHOUSE vs ICP Explorer, my transaction only appear in one and didnt have been credited

Hey everyone, I’m a bit stressed about a problem I’m having. I hope you can help me out.

I lost 162.38ICP in a transaction. I can see it on ICLightHouse explorer, where I sent the token to a trading platform, but my deposit hasn’t been credited. The support team told me they can’t find the transaction ID. I also checked on the official ICP explorer, and the transaction ID wasn’t there initially. (EDIT: After 50 minutes, it finally showed up.)

EDIT: While I was writing this, the transaction finally showed up on icpexplorer.org after 50 minutes. But I’m still trying to figure out how it happened. (However, the money hasn’t been added to both central exchange account yet.)

It looks like there might be a problem or glitch somewhere. Any ideas?

EDIT : Same problem on Kraken… (2 times).

EDIT : Tried on Binance, same problem. Money not credited on account. Txid not visible on icpexplorer.org, but visible on iclighthouse.

EDIT : Kraken deposit have now been credited, after 1hour instead of 2 min usually.

This explorer is probably the fastest https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/

Thanks ! . I never realized that this one was the official explorer. I had never clicked on the search bar on this page, I didnt think this was an explorer. It is so nice.


The ledger continues to process the transactions at an elevated level that the exchanges cannot keep up with.

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Thanks for your reply Severin