How to transfer ICP

I have some icp and want to transfer it to the network . How can I safely connect it from my Coinbase wallet ? To what address do I send it ?

One way is to set up an internet identity at and use it to log into
In there you will have a wallet address to which you can transfer the ICP.

Yes I did that . I see what looks like the address but I am hesitant to send my icp to it . I don’t want to lose them ! Under what heading is the address ?

In NNS under the ICP tab you should have at least one account named Main. The long alpha numerical string under the account name is the ICP address you send your ICPs to. It has a copy button next to it.

First try a small amount to make sure it works for you.

Hope it helps



Thank u so much I am gonna try. Keep your fingers crossed that little ole me can do this successfully!

If you are using Binance , withdrawal fees for ICP is 0.0003, try a small amount. I did the same

  • Very detailed. Agreed

ICP from Coinbase to Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap was more or less instantaneous a few weeks ago.

Today I have transferred 1 more because I’m testing to see if I can create a canisters and the number of Cycles per ICP dropped with the price of ICP. The transfer took 20mins

There was world wide outage of some global services yesterday. Might’ve been affected. I experienced the same.

Coinbase transaction was pending.

Hope this helps


The solution was this: to send emails twice with legal name change documents and wait for weeks without an answer. Miss out on a couple fun opportunities with crypto coin because of their lack of support . Then, this morning , complain on social media, Reddit and Facebook about it and start sharing my disappointment and dissatisfaction with others. That solved the issue this morning in about 20 minutes. On Facebook. Now I’m going to go and pat them on the head with nice words because they fixed it. Reward them socially for behaving . Now I have staked neurons and I have some for my first canister .

Hope I don’t get to that solution, thinking about stacking soon…