ICDEX project and its relationship with the DFINITY Foundation

Hello everyone,
I am reaching out to inquire about the ICDEX project and its relationship with the DFINITY Foundation. I’m interested in understanding more about the trustworthiness of the ICDEX team and their collaboration with DFINITY.

Could anyone kindly provide insights or share any relevant information regarding the credibility of the ICDEX project and the nature of its association with the DFINITY Foundation?
Thank you

IC Lighthouse is one of the decentralised exchanges that is leveraging the capabilities of the Internet Computer. The team behind it is a recent hackathon winner with their project ICRouter. They are also Developer Grants alumni. The IC Dex repo can be found here. This being said, we cannot comment any further on trustworthiness, credibility and other subjective topics regarding them or any other team. Always DYOR.