Can you build a crypto exchange on Dfinity?

Hi guys,

I thougth it would be good to have a independent decentralized crypto exchange. Currently, crypto exchanges can be regulated and e.g. blocked by governments.

Could you build this on Dfinity? Is there something like this already?

I think we are eagerly waiting on certain functionality to be built on IC as foundational level so as to usher in the era of DeFi into IC; beyond just a DEX.

However building a DEX is no small task & therefore the teams are waiting to see how promised foundational functionality pans out (both from a timing perspective as well as security perspective).

If it takes a year or more to build such functionality to the satisfaction of the community, all bets will be off. Similar situation from a security standpoint.

That said, I know that the well funded dfinity teams are working hard and communicating well to ensure progress and raising issues/risks. They are also responding to community questions as well.