Safety of a DEX on ICP - Should a DEX be implemented in the ICP core system?

Hello everyone. I am sorry if that question has ever been answered, however, I wonder everyday. I seem some people ever talked about this, but it seems important to remind this question.

Is there any plan from Dfinity to introduce a DEX / SWAP as part of ICP core.

If not, can we really trust DEXes created by some unknown teams ? Can’t they just exit scam ?

From my point of view, after the SNS deployment, it seems to be a priority.


Great idea starting a thread on this :smiley:
an optional native assets layer would help a lot with trust and performance.
tokens with custom stuff still exist at the canisters layer
and tokens on the native asset layer can be optimized for speed and trust that can’t be replicated at the canister layer

I would like to say I am sorry to post a so short message, I would like to elaborate my post, but I didn’t because I’m not enough fluent in english to write developed ideas. I wish to be able to participate more in conversations but I realize that I must seem to have the vocabulary and intelligence of a child. Which doesn’t make me credible.

Recently I tested ICDex . Your question proved me I am not only one who is a bit scared. ICDex is a new dex with order book,it works fine,although there was a issue with canister.After I noticed something is wrong ,and sent them message ,they responded and soon refunded my tokens circa 60icp.Will they refund me for much larger amount ?What if I never found this issue ?

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Look at FTX, nobody is trustable. Dex must be core of ICP network. Mafia hidden behind FTX puppet CEO will re-emerge on new forms, even on ICP. They are shameless, even when they have no excuses they will invent a hack as a last resort. This will happen on ICP too. Should it happen for the DFINITY team react ? Dex must be a core functionality. It must be a priority far before ETH integration. I would need some help to write properly a proposal about this. I beg the community. Leaving the DEX to private entities will be our great weakness, there is a lot of smart people here. It’s time to talk about it.

I think actually DFINITY team prefer a lot of private dex, then they don’t engage their responsibility. I saw for Bitcoin integration that they need a paranoid level of security when they implement a functionality, I respect that. I think if they assume the DEX, they will need a paranoid level of security and maybe it’s difficult to implement. I don’t know. I hope more people can come manifest interest here and bring DFINITY attention to this post.

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the internet computer is a platform
and DFINITY shouldn’t compete with it’s own ecosystem of developers
building the best platform for web3 definitely includes having a trusted native assets layer
so NO more wrapped ICP on the internet computer please

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