I propose someone to create a gambling game i.e Ethercrash.io on the Internet Computer

As we know, DeFi, NFTs and crypto game/gambling ecosystems are the greatest liquidity magnets that any chain can have currently in this space. I really think the possibilities on the IC are limitless when we apply ourselves. While the talk of gambling platforms on the IC hasn’t been of much discussion yet that I’ve seen, I think now is the perfect time.

I think an ICP version of Play -- ethercrash.io or similar games could be a huge hit in the wider community that has loved this type of game for years and know them well. I think a ‘Crash’ style game would be a perfect start because it is provably fair, easy/cheap to play, and would be an excellent demonstration of canister verifiability on the IC which (so-far) has been out of reach for the wider community!! This could be the perfect way to introduce everyone to https://covercode.ooo/ .

I am not a dev but I would be more than willing to pitch to a bounty program to create and fund a gambling platform to this effect. Also curious about the Community’s thoughts toward crypto gambling platforms in general on the IC